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Tmnt- Leonardo/Raphael:

Summary: Leonardo is all worried about his heavily injured twin , Raphael. last thing both of them remember is how they had a fight in the sewer and were ashamed of lookin at each oother eye to eye. Would 

leo confess his feeling once more? Will Raph accept them this time? 



*Look for Notes at the end of this fiction. *

Leo was too tired to stay awake after two allnighters & beatin those bastards ass who almost killed his twin. He couldn't afford imaging how desperate he was when he found the lifeless body of Raphael, without sheddin tears.

He could never get used to his body's stillness since Raph was restless even when he was deep asleep.

In the end, after struggling so hard & fightin against the roller coaster of his emotion's , leo finally gave out n fell asleep settin his head on a side of bed , inhaling the smell of Raph's hours dried blood..& holdin on to his feverish hand.


It was too dark to recognize where he was .trying hard to adjust his eyes to the darkness , enough to feel the pain n stitches on his stomach ; Raphael felt his lungs burn.

Vivid visions appeared in front of his eyes making it hard for him to believe he was still alive after being chained, feets under water. He remembered how he was panicking ; not bout dying tho...he was afraid of what might happen to his brothers. And was scared of when he turned his brother's sincere feelings down ...& thought how he wanned to hold that shivering, broken hearted, body of leo's tight enough to make it feel safe n assured; To apologies. But he was dying miles away from house and his three unaware brothers, without any scape plans.

But now? What was he doin there? How did he survived he wondered.

Raph pushed himself to get up but besides the unbearable pain in his chest n stomach ...a hand holding to his stopped him. 

In his awe, leo was clinging onto it ,sniffing in the nightmare he had. Raph was out of shock soon after he realized leo's shakin body's drenched out in cold sweat, havin a nightmare . He touched leo's chic n caressed it gently long enough till he gradually opened his eyes.


Sensing a cozy warmth on his chic leo decided to get up n find out what it was . It took him a few minutes to get his senses back since he had fallen asleep not long ago n was still dead tired, but that wasn't important at all!

Seemed like Raph was finally awake! He asked in a tired yet worried tone

-" Raph are you ok? Aren't you thirsty? You've been out for 2 whole days! We've been. .." - he corrected - "I've been so fucking much worried Raphie" 

now he couldn't hold back his tears seeing the fade smile on his beloved's bruised lips.


*Raphie???* How many years have it been since the last leo called him 'Raphie'? he was used to that name when they were kids? But after splinter chosing leo as the leader, the gap between them started to grow wider & wider & eventually became as it was now .

Now Raph could understand how much he had missed this soft caring side of Leonardo. He responded in a low-whisper tone 

-" yea leo.. [several coughs due to effects of lack of oxygen & the pain of the cuts in his stomach] ..I'm fine...don worry bout me..." 

Leonardo offered him a glass of water & a stew in it.

Raph drank the water not complaining about the stew as he always did, showing how his body was dehydrated & it was no good sign for a half turtle creature; which made leonardo even more worried...

●To Be Continued...


Notes:  first I must apologies firmly for the frequency of my vocabulary/dictation/grammatical mistakes. And thank you for wasting your useless time to read my fiction. Hope at least you liked it . ~D.S


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